To Business Partner

To the most respected partners:

JUFU Company was founded in 1998, based on an entrepreneurial and passionate land, Zhejiang province, heritage and promote the entrepreneurial spirit of a new era of Zhejiang , after ten years of development, and with all parties care and support, JUFU has grownup to be modern enterprise, including R&D, manufacturing and trading. Fourteen years assiduous, unremitting dedication and focus, in such a revolution and innovation times, the collision between old and new business development model and the impact of changing domestic and international situations, as a member of Zhejiang private economy enterprise, we always keep clear thinking, wise analysis and decision making facing the complex and complicated economy phenomena, and always adhere to the export-oriented, while introducing foreign advanced technology and products  into domestic market, to meet the needs of domestic end-users. This kind of "Out-In" business model ensures that we are always at the forefront of development. The advanced and most competitive products and customer service 100% satisfaction has won recognition and praise from our customers.

Decade of hardworking, JUFU in the last 5110 day and night stick to our principle and spirit, we start to display the power. In the next decade, we are willing to grow with you. JUFU can't go further without your support. I hope you will witness our future pride and glory.

◇ Envision
To be a multibusiness operation enterprise group which can be sustainable developing
To be the most well-known professional products and services providers
To be  of a high sense of social responsibility and a high degree of humane care of business unit
◇ Corporate Mission
To provide unlimited space for staff career development
To provide perfect solution for customer demands
To create value for society
◇ Core values
Employees first, customers second, shareholders third
Teamwork, bearing and sharing, and I'm for all, all for me
Face up to changes, embrace changes, break through yourself, beyond yourself
Do extraordinary things with professional attitude and the mentality of ordinary 
Honesty, integrity, commitment
Never give up, optimistic.

Zhejiang JUFU Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, located in Zhejiang province, PRC China.
At the very beginning, we focused on the domestic market. As the tide of internationalization, overseas business grows up to be our major business fraction. With the support of JUHUA Group's R&D and technology, JUFU has become an integrated enterprise.
The business mode includes manufacturing, marketing, import and export.
Our business sectors cover the following four fields:
I, raw chemical material section, the main products are fluorine refrigerant products and solvents;
II, PV module encapsulation materials, the main products are back-sheet (TPE, PET complex sheet) and EVA film;
III, oil products, refined glycerin and stearic acid;
IV, solar film, used in automobile vehicles and household.
Our products have passed TUV, UL and SGS test and certificates are available.
We are trying to be your most competitive and reliable business partners, since we have good products and professional services.
Let’s go for win-win.

i, Be honest and keep faith, we will always keep our promises. No matter what is going on or for any reasons, we will never break the promises. We will never offend business ethics or principles.
ii, Comply with rule and laws, all our business operations are in compliance with state and local laws and regulations, we obey business discipline, and execute rules and regulations.
iii, Innovation and creation, innovation is the vitality of an enterprise. We will provide leading technology and products, and efficient service and concepts, as well as the applicable business mode.
iv, Harmony and peace, we are one of the members of the society, all of our business operations are compliant with the spirit of "Be harmonious with the individuals, organization, community and society ".