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Chemical name:Methylene Chloride
The molecular formula:CH2Cl2


1) In December 1996 methylene chloride was listed by Zhejiang Provincial Name Product Appraisal committee in the Zhejiang Name Brand Product catalogue.

2) In March 2009, the company developed galvanized steel drum for Methylene Chloride package, it efficiently solve the problems such as peeling of zinc, speckle, corruption and pollution related to cold-rolling steel drum.

3) In May 2009, the company successfully developed a new type of Methylene Chloride which dedicated for the application of metal degreasing.

Application: The product serves for coating solvent, metal degreasing, aerosol, polyurethance foaming agent, safety photographic film, polycarbonate. It is an excellent solvent.

Physical and chemical properties: Under normal temperature and pressure, the product is a colorless, clear and volatile liquid with a scent of ether and a sweetish flavor. Its melting point is -96.7℃, its boiling point is 40℃. There is no flash point for individual methylene chloride. Its density is 1.336g/cm3 at 20℃. It is soluble in ethanol and ether but slightly in water.

Storage & transportation: The product is packed in galvanized steel drum, coated steel drum or tanks(or tank cars). It is to be kept in dry and well-ventilated place, away from sunlight and raining. It is to comply with the regulations railway and road transportation issued by Chinese goverment concerning hazardous cargo.

Packing specification: Steel drum: 200L Tanks.

Technical specifications:



GB/T 4117-2008

Top Quality

High Quality

Regular Quality



Colorless and clear liquid

Mass factor of methylene chloride










Acidity(as HCL)







Mass fraction of evaporated residue




Note: according to the need of client, the company can provide Methylene Chloride with high-level purity