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Chemical name:
The molecular formula:CHCIF2

Application: The product is used as a refrigerant in household,industrial and commercial air-conditioning systems.It can also be used as an aerosol propellant for pesticide and paint,or as a fire extinguishing agent.It is a primary feedstock for fluoropolymers.

Physical and chemical properties: Under normal temperature and pressure,the product is a colorless,odorless and nontoxic gas.Its melting point is -160℃,its boiling point is -40.8℃ and its liquid density is 1.213g/cm3 at 20℃.It is to be kept in cool and dry place,without being exposed to heat source,sunlight and raining.It is to comply with the regulations of railway and road transportation issued by Chinese government concerning hazardous cargo.

Packing specifications:

Non-refillable cylinder: 30lbs/13.6kg, 50 lbs/22.7kg;

Refillable Cylinder: 400L, 800L, 926L, 1000L; ISO TANK.

Technical specifications:



G8/T 7373-2006

I Type

II Type



Mass fraction of chlorodifluoromethane










Acidity(as HCI )





Mass fraction of evaporated residue



Determination of chlorides(CI-)




Volume fraction of non-condensable gases at 25℃




Volume fraction of oxygen in gas phase




Note:In application to refrigerant, chlorodifluoromethane inspection shall include determination of chlorides (CI-) and volume fraction of non-condensable gases (25℃).